The Great Migration, May 23

Don’t miss your chance to see The Great Migration and Motown — a show by the San Francisco Rockin’ Solidarity Labor Heritage Chorus that tells the story of mid-twentieth century African American workers.

The Great Migration was the biggest under-reported story of the twentieth century. Over the span of six decades, around six million African Americans left Jim Crow behind and started over in northern cities. In the process, they transformed this country.

The multiracial Rockin’ Solidarity Chorus tells that story in words and song. Chorus members recount their own migration narratives, and the text also draws on Isobel Wilkerson’s The Warmth of Other Suns and some incisive analysis by Michael Moore. Musically, the repertoire includes (among much else) Civil Rights anthems, a Memphis Minnie blues, songs by the Bay Area’s own Jon Fromer, and some reworkings of classics from Motown, a record label built by children of the migration.

Don’t miss it!

Date: Friday, May 23
Time: 7:00 PM
Place: First Presbyterian Church, 2619 Broadway (at 27th St), Oakland

For further information: (415) 648-3457,


By Dan Harper

Dan Harper is the minister of First Parish in Cohasset, Mass.