Chorus materials are provided by the Chorus Librarian on CD or DVD ($0.25 for hand-delivery at rehearsals, or $1.50 for shipping) containing PDF computer files of all music scores, playable MIDI files, and RTF or DOC files (the last two file types are lyric or other text files such as performance scripts). Some songs also are available in separate SATB parts.

To give you an idea of the range of songs we sing, below is a partial listing of fifteen year’s worth of Labor Chorus songs and parodies.

Abortion Is Illegal
Age of Austerity
Aging Is Not for Sissies
Ain’t Gonna Give It Back
Ain’t Gonna Let Nobody
Ain’t You Got a Right
All Things Must Perish
All Used Up
Amazing Gays
Amazing strength
America For Me (House I Live In)
American Car, Buy This
American Way
Aragon Mall
Aragon Mill
Arbeter Froyen
Are They Gonna Make Us Outlaws
Army song
Arnold Union Organizer
Attorney General Song
Ballad of Harry Bridges
Ballad of the Sloop Clearwater
Ballad of the Triangle Fire
Bandiera Rossa
Bankers and the Diplomats
Banks Are Made of Marble, The
Bargainings Like a Ballgame
Beans Bacon and Gravy
Bella Ciao
Bells of Rhymney
Besame Mucho — Castro St
Big Bailout
Big Spender
Billionaire’s Comment
Black Bird
Blue Cross
Blue Diamond Mines
Blue State Blues
Bread and Roses
Bring Back The WPA
Bring Back Wisconsin
Brother Can You Spare a Dime
Bury Me In My Overalls
Bush Inaugural Theme
Busting At The Seams
Buy This American Car
Canon Song
Can’t Buy Me Gov
Can’t Help It
Can’t Stand That Outsourcing
Carli’s Song
Casey Jones
Charlie’s Song
Christmas in the Trenches
Cielito Lindo
Clean Up The Hudson
Cloakmakers Union
Come Friends, Join the Occupation
Come Go With Me to that Land
Common Thread
Commonwealth of Toil, The
Cops of the World
Cotton Mill Girls
Da Pacem Domina
Dangers of the Right
De Colores
Dead Iraqis
Deck the Halls
Depleted Uranium
Desert Viet Nam
Die Moorsoldaten
Diggers Song
Division in the Working Class Is Terrible
Do Not Vote For Arnie-Man
Do Re Mi
Doing the Reactionary
Dona Nobis Pacem
Don’t build Your Nukes in My Back Yard
Don’t Shop at Safeway
Drill Ye Tarriers
Duct Tape
Dump the Bosses
Ego Sum Pauper
Eight Hour Day, The
Eleven Cent Cotton
Elizabeth Gurley Flynn
Enron Song
Family of Woman and Man
FBI is Coming to Town
Fight the Status Quo
Fill the Halls
Fillimee or re eir re ay
First Amendment Banjo
Fixin To Die Rag
Foolish Frog
For Pete’s Sake
Foreclose Them Homes, Daily
Freedom After a While
Freedom Is Coming
Freedom Now
Freeedom Road
Frosty The Bossman
Fruit Trees Are in Bloom
Fuge for Warmongers
Gentlemen of Distinction…
Get Up Stand Up
Give Me the Money
Give Me Your Tired
Give Peace a Chance
Go Tell It on the Muni
God Rest Ye Merry
God Rest Ye Merry Susan Jones
Gone To the Dogs
Gonna Write to my Congress…
Good Night Irene
Gotta Get Insurance Out
Grand Coulee Dam, The
Great Principle
Grey Goose
Hallelujah I’m a Bum
Happy Birthday Ruth Mahaney
Hard Traveling
Hark The Oil Barons Sing
Harriet Tubman
Hava Na Shira
Health Care Blues
Here’s to Our Stewards
Hey Big Spender
Highlander Medley, The
Hold the Fort
Holey Moley It’s Our Money — Social Security
Homage to Herbert Hoover
Honor the Picket Line
Hop a Train
How Can I Keep From Singing
How Can Working Folks Survive
Hymno Al Inmigrante
I Ain’t Marching Any More
I Am a Union Woman
I Cannot Sleep
I Don’t Want To Get Adjusted
I Heard It through the Grapevine
I Stand with Cindy Sheehan
I Stand with the Union
I Wish I Knew How It Would Feel
I Wonder Why
I’m On My Way
If Chickens
If I Had A Hammer
If We Cannot Find Osama
If We Would Only Use the Sun
If You Can’t Fly, Run
If You Miss Me at the Back of the Bus
If You Miss Me At The Occupy
If You’re Looking for Freedom
I’m Changing My Name to Bailout
I’m Dreaming of a Just
I’m Gonna Be An Engineer
I’m Too Old To Be A Scab
I’m Workin’ with the Union
Imagine-Single Payer
Imp Song
In an Anarchist Garret
In Contempt
In Kamf
In the Good Old Picket Line
In the Shadow of the Rim
Inch By Inch-Garden song
Internationale, The
Irene, Good Night
Isn’t He Lovely
It Ain’t Necessarily So
It Isn’t Nice
It’s a Long Haul
It’s a Long Way Down to the Soup Line
It’s a Mighty Hard Road
It’s Better with a Union Man
I’ve Got Plenty of Nothing
I’ve Got to Know
Jingle Bells
Jingle Coins
Jingo Boys
Joaquin Murieta Corrido
Jobs Leaving Tennessee Waltz
Joe Hill
Joe Hill — Bush
Joe Hill’s Will
John Henry
Join The Occupation — Wall St.
Joy To The World
Julius Margolin
Keep Our Union Strong
Keep Your Eyes on the Prize
Kennebunkport Hillbillies
Kevin Barry
L and N Don’t Stop Here
Labor Chorus, The
Left No Trace
Legitimate Rape
Lift Every Voice
Like Yesterday
Listen Regents
Listen to the Voices
Little Shelters
Living in a Budget La-La Land
Living Wage, A
Lobbyists Sweet Song
Loitering For Peace
Long Haul, It’s a
Look For The Union Label
Los Braceros
Los Quatro Generales
Love Is Just the Song We…
Ludlow Massacre
Make Peace instead of War
Making Whoopie
Mannington Mine, The
March up to the Capitol
Marching in the Streets
May the Work that I have Done
Mayn Ruhr Platz
Minimum Wage
Mitt Goodbye
Modern Warfare
Money’s Gonna Flow
More than a Paycheck
Mujeres de la Maquila
Mujeres Valientes
Music Alone Shall Live
My Factory Lies over the Ocean
My Guy
My Old USA
My Union Stands By Me
Mysteries of a Hobo’s Life
National Health Care
Never Can Say Goodbye
Nickel Under The Foot
Nine To Five
No Christmas In Kentucky
No Irish Need Apply
No One Dreams
No Sweat
Nobody Knows the Trouble I’ve Seen
Not in My Name
Not Meg Whitman
Obama And Me
Obama Oy Such A Mensch
Occupation — Wall St.
Occupy — If You Miss Me At…
Occupy Pie
Ode To Joy
Oh Christmas Tree
Oh Freedom
Oh Little Town of Bethlehem
Oh Union Woman
Oh What Shall We Do
Oh When The Saints
Oh Wisconsin
Old Devil Time
Old Gray Granny
On Minimum Wage
On the Picket Line
Once I Built a bubble
One Big Union for Two
One Hundred Foot Rug
Organizing Workers
Ot Azoy Neyt A Shnayder
Our Way
Part Time Worker
Parting Glass
Pastures of Plenty
Pat Works On the Railway
Paz Queremos Paz
Peace Salaam Shalom
Peat Bog Soldiers
People Get Ready
People Like You
Picket Line Round
Pittston Miners
Plegaria a Un Labrador
Plow Under
Popular Wobbly, The
Power And Glory
Power In The Union (There Is)
Preacher And The Slave, The
Precious Friend
Pretty Boy Floyd
Prison Song, The
Profits Before People
Punch It In Is All We Do
Put the Unions in Walmart
Putting the Blame on Me
Raggedy Raggedy Are We
Reality March
Rebel Girl, The
Respect — Union
Revolution Is Coming
Rise Again
Rise As One
Rock Around the Marriot
Roll On Columbia
Roll Out the PR
Roll River Roll
Roll the Union On
Rosa Sat
Round and Round Hitler’s Grave
Rudolph the Union
Safeway Workers
Sailing Up My Dirty Stream
Sailing Up The Hudson
Samba round
Same Merry Go Round
Save Our Lunch Breaks
Save the Country
Saving City College — Solidarity
Sell Your Labor Not Your Soul
Share the Dough
Si Me Quieres Escribir
Sing Me a Song of Social Significance
Singing Is Believing
Singing On May Day
Single Payer For You and Me
Single Payer — Solidarity Forever
Sit Down
Sixteen Ton
Sixteen Words
Sixty Six Highway Blues
Sloop Clearwater
So Long It’s Been Good To Know You
Social Security — Don’t Privatize
Social Security — SSI
Solar Carol
Soldiers Resting Near an Open Fire
Solidarity Forever
Solidarity is Global
Solidarity — Rockin
Some Day, Health Care
Some Subversive Evening
Somos El Barco
Song For Bridges, A
Soup Song
Spanish Civil War Medley
Spirit of ’34
Stand By Me
Stand Up
State of the Union
Step by Step
Steppin’ Out
Stole the Vote
Stop in the Name Of Love
Strangest Dream
Strike Is Almost Over, The
Stuck in Bush’s 12 Step
Take Me Out Of The Big Banks
Talking Union
Teenage Immigrant Welfare Mothers on Drugs
There but for Fortune
There is Power In A Union
There is Power in the Union
There Was A Rich Man — CIO
There Was a Rich Man — Trad
There’s a Yellow Bush From Texas
There’s No Business Like…
There’s Nothing Quite Like Money
They Fought For A Living Wage
They’ll Never Keep Us Down
This Land is Your Land
This Line is Singing
This Little Light of Mine
This Plan Is Your Plan
Those Corporate Persons
Time To Tax The Rich
‘Tis Of Thee
Tom Joad
Toxic Dreams
Tramp, Tramp, Tramp
Triangle Shirt Waist Fire
Turn, Turn, Turn
Turtles and Teamsters
‘Twas The Night Before Chanukah
‘Twas The Night Before Xmas
Twelve Days Of Occupy
Undecided Now — Voting
Union Action
Union All the Way
Union Amen
Union Brothers [Keep Our U]
Union Busters Coming to Town
Union Maid
Union Side of the Street
Union Woman
United Front, The
Universal Soldier
Valero Oil of Texas
Vine and Fig Tree
Viva La Quince Brigada
Waist Deep in the Big Muddy
Waiting on Roosevelt
WalMart Stores Are Coming
WalMart, Oy Ve
Wall Street Goodbye (Irene)
War To The World
Warlords Song
We Are Building…
We are Climbing Higher
We Are the People
We Can’t Get No Union Action
We Do the Work
We Fall Down
We Got Plenty of Nothin’
We Hate To See Them Go
We Need a Union
We Need To Spread the Strike
We Shall Not Be Moved
We Shall Not Be Moved — Wisconsin
We Shall Not Give Up the Fight
We Shall Overcome
We Were There
We Will Last — Hotel Workers
We Wish You a Happy
We Won
We’re In The Union
We’re Workin’ with the Union
Were You There
We’ve Got To Keep Our Union Strong
What A Wonderful World
What Just Happened
What Shall We Do
What’s Going On
What’s Our Dignity Worth
What’s It All About Romney
What’s Our Dignity Worth
When Rats Dream
When the Fruit Rots on the …
When The Levee Breaks
When the Poor Have Won
When Will You Play Fair
When You Catch An Airplane
Where Have All The Flowers Gone
Where The Fraser River Flows
Which Side Are You On
White House Resident, The
Who Will I Be Voting For
Who’s The Criminal
Winnsboro Cotton Mill, The
Wisconsin, Land of My Dreams
With Union Solidarity
Wobbly Doxology
Woke Up This Morning
Women Are Coming, The
Work It Out
Workers (Picket Line Round)
Workers Of The World Awaken
Workin’ with the Union
Working Class
World Turned Upside Down, The
Would You Like to Play the…
Yo Estoy Con Chavez
You Don’t Own Me
You Keep Me Hanging On
You Really Got A Hold On Me
Your Flag Decal
You’ve Got To Go Down