I. General Information
One credit, repeatable up to three units at City College.
Method of grading: Letter grades or credit/ no credit

Study and performance of labor songs from various periods in American working people’s history that reflect workers of diverse cultures.

II. Course Objectives
Upon completion of the course students will be able to:

A. Define proper vocal techniques and apply them to their own singing.
B. Demonstrate and employ choral singing techniques.
C. Examine and identify songs from working people’s cultural heritage and demonstrate awareness of links between American cultural traditions and labor history.
D. Choose selections from and prepare a performance of American working people’s songs.
E. Develop a repertoire of songs from various periods of American Labor History.
   1) Traditional Folk Labor Repertoire
   2) Composed songs by historic labor balladeers
   3) Use of parody in Labor songs
   4) Contemporary Labor Songwriters
   5) Songs that reflect cultural diversity

III. Instructional Methodology
1) Students will be instructed in various vocal development and choral performance techniques. They will be expected to participate actively in class.
2) Students will be asked to tape record and practice material on their own. They will keep a folder of developing song repertoire which they are required to bring to every class.
3) Students will be required to prepare for culminating performance.

IV. Evaluation
1. Attendance and participation — Forty percent of grade.
2. Progress in vocal techniques — Ten percent of grade
3. Ability to learn and execute melody and harmony parts accurately — Thirty percent of grade
4. Participation in Concerts — Twenty percent of grade
5. Extra credit — Short oral presentations about labor history subjects. Original songs, poems and memoirs about their own labor history, to be included in end of term booklet.